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From Authentic Hawaiian Food to
“ Most popular Poke in Toronto ”

Pokito's story
“ We believe poke is for everyone –
whether you're vegan, keto, or gluten-free,
you'll find something delicious
at POKITO to enjoy. ”
POKITO was founded by a group of food enthusiasts who shared a passion for fresh and healthy food. They were one of the first to bring the Poke Bowl concept to Toronto. The idea was to create a place where people could enjoy fast, yet delicious meals made with quality ingredients at a reasonable price. POKITO opened its doors in 2016 in a small but cozy space in the heart of the city.
Pokito's dishes
The Delicious Journey of POKITO
No, Poke is not just a salad bowl with fish! POKITO stands out from other Poke restaurants by distinctively offering the traditional Hawaiian-style version of the dish. The recipes are focused on the quality and quantity of the fish, and the flavors of the marinade, made with the freshest ingredients. The menu features a variety of mouth-watering Poke flavours served with sushi rice and homemade sides.
As the years went by, POKITO expanded, opening its new location at Chefs Hall. Despite its growth, the restaurant never lost sight of its original mission: to provide customers with fresh, healthy, and delicious food at a reasonable price. Today, POKITO continues to be a favorite among foodies and casual diners alike, a testament to the founders' vision and passion for good food.
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